behind-the-scenes“Gold No Trade is one of the best young companies out there. Absolutely original work–inventive story telling with inventive staging.”
–Max Schaefer, Artistic Director, SummerStar Theatre

“Just amazing…So intense was the production that the audience felt enveloped in the scene.”
–Dorothy D. Szefc, Cultural Affairs Coordinator, SUNY Orange

“Watching a performance of The Pinks is a Master Class in the Art of Transformation…If there was an award for most creative use of a lampshade, Gold No Trade would win hands down.”
–David H. Cohen, Theatre Arts Faculty Member, SUNY Orange

“Watching Gold No Trade’s The Pinks… I was taken back to some of the great theatrical experiences of my youth…”

“With an ominous, tonal score, shadowy characters and a monochrome set, the opening evokes the world of film noir, with its particular combination of investigation and introspection… Using only a handful of props, the cast of five changes scenes and characters by literally changing hats…”
–NYC-Arts & The Huffington Post

pepperThe Pinks was one of the most enjoyable evenings I spent in the theater this year. The incredible use and multi-use of small spaces, the spaces between, around and within objects people, properties and costume pieces to create environments and a reality better than any actuality was sheer delight.”
–Terrence Christgau, Director of Theater and Performing Arts, Dwight School New York
“From the five ace thespians to the imaginative, multi-purpose props, each little gesture adds to the company’s crackerjack interpretation of what might otherwise be one of history’s shadowy footnotes.”
–Flavorpill, New York

“A truly brilliant devised piece that utilized a minimal amount of staging and props to create an excellent show with a powerful story.”
–Benn Cody, Artistic Director, Only Fools and Actorstreteau-tech

“There was a nice moment at the end after you guys had left the stage. The whole audience just kept sitting there, in sharp contrast to the usual situation where everyone’s ready to sprint out before the actors are even backstage…I’m really looking forward to seeing what you guys do next.”
–Miranda Massie, audience member at Floating Brothel


THE SUBTLE BODY-55“As written by Megan Campisi, The Subtle Body is a play that makes acute observations about cultural differences, without relying on facile techniques… The scenic design by Cate McRea and the versatile costumes by Isabelle Coler effectively transport you to the time and setting, making for an inventive use of resources, as they transform the space in unexpected ways…the last five minutes are flawless!”

“You certainly won’t come away from The Subtle Body knowing more about Floyer or his research on the human pulse, but you might just gain some insights into the myriad movements of the human heart… The result is a comedy that might take place in 1707, but most definitely speaks to the increasingly global present.”

“Megan Campisi’s The Subtle Body offers a compelling examination of how cultures clash when East meets West in both body and mind. Drawing on the real-life example of the English physician John Floyer, this play examines the differences in how the body is treated, both medically and emotionally, as an object of science and desire, in this deftly crafted play that is as thought-provoking as it is entertaining.”
–Joseph W Dauben, Distinguised Professor of History and the History of Science at Herbert H. Lehman College